Salient Features

Salient Features
Design: All our products are designed and created by our highly skilled team of Design Engineers. Products are designed keeping in mind highest standard of quality and durability.
Steel: We use 1st grade ERW steel tubes. We are customers of the Best Steel Mills of India such as Bhushan Steel, Tata Steel and Essar.
Wood: All the wood used in our products is Rubberwood. Rubber wood is used in the wooden elements, which has more buckling strength than Chinese birch or pine, which is popularly used in the imported furniture.
Technical properties of wooden element i.e. Rubber wood
  • Structure – very uniform structure
  • Figure - cross section shows vague concentric markings which resemble growth rings. The markings combined with the large vessels visible to the eye give the timber An attractive appearance
  • Weight – density comparable to oak and teak
  • Strength –good binding strength
  • Shrinkage – low shrinkage, comparable to teak
  • Chemical composition – similar to that of hardwood
  • Pre processing - Kiln dried to obtain required moisture levels in the timber. Four side planed for smooth and uniform surface.
  • Surface finish – Three coats of Polyurethane (PU) based, imported lacquers are applied to it for protection and polished finish
Finish: All our products are Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated with a 10 tank pre-cleaning process.

Powder Coating is a life time coating and humidity/ Heat don’t have any impact/effect on it.

Products are baked at 120 degree Celsius in a complete automatic powder coating plant.

Pretreatment Process:

All components under goes 10 tank pretreatment process prior to powder coating.

  • De-greasing: To remove oil, grease, dirt, grit etc, from the surface.
  • De-rusting: To remove of rust, scales and other corrosive elements from the surface.
  • Phosphating: For enhancement of adhesion of powder during the coating process, by providing a uniform coat of iron phosphate on the surface of the component.
  • Pacivation: To pacify all acidic elements deposited on the component’s surface during the pretreatment procedure.
  • The components are cleaned by water dipping after each chemical process.
Packing: All our products are ‘Semi Knock Down’ (SKD) and flat packed.

Products are packed in 5/7 ply heavy duty corrupted boxes.

Our packing is designed for smooth passage of goods through the supply chain network of our Esteemed customers.